What is the best way to clean Oakley sunglasses?

Can I wash my Oakley sunglasses with soap and water?

All new Oakley Goggles come with a bag for cleaning and storage. Using it will help maintain the unrivaled optics of Oakley lenses. … Use only mild soap and water; never use cleaning solutions.

Can I wash Oakley sunglasses?

The best way to clean Oakley’s and any other manufacturer’s microfiber products is to machine wash in cold water, and to let air dry. Do not use laundry soap that contains fabric softener.

Can I get my Oakleys wet?

This high performance eyewear is perfect for all occasions and all weathers. Just take proper care of your favourite eye gear and use them one season after another and for as long as you like. Water, if properly dried out of the frame and glasses will have no damaging impact.

Can you use Windex on Oakleys?

Though they may feel soft to your fingers, paper products are the scratchy enemy of your Oakley batwolf lenses. … Cleaners like vinegar, bleach, household glass cleaners and disinfectants can all strip your Oakley batwolf lenses or Oakley frogskin lenses of their protective coating and reflective finishes.

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Are Oakleys scratch resistant?

Oakley Holbrook sunglasses are engineered with scratch-resistant lenses. The O Matter material makes them lightweight and durable, while providing 100% protection against UV rays.

Do Oakley sunglasses block blue light?

Lenses. The reason you wear eye protection is, foremost, for what the lens offers. … To deal with that glowing orb in the sky, Oakley lenses filter out 100% of UVA, UVB, UVC rays, and blue light up to 400nm with all their lenses—this isn’t a coating applied on top of the lens, but built into the Plutonite.

Why are my Oakley lenses peeling?

While it may look rough, peeling the film off the lenses doesn’t mean the glasses have reached the end of the line – it’s probably just peeling off the anti-reflective coating. Rinse the lenses without soap and dry them with a soft, clean cotton or microfiber cloth.

How do you get scratches out of Oakley sunglasses?

Use mild soap and water with a soft towel to buff the scratch out in a circular motion. Buff stubborn scratches with a mild toothpaste and cotton ball. Rub the scratch gently in a circular motion for about 10 seconds, then rinse with water.

Do Oakley lenses scratch easily?

As mentioned, the polycarbonate of which Oakley’s lenses are made is lighter and will not shatter like glass, but it does scratch more easily. However it’s actually the iridium coating that’s most sensitive to scratching.

Are Oakley Prizm lenses scratch resistant?

Prizm lenses are made of the proprietary material Plutonite, which has a high level of impact resistance. … Lenses in prescription sunglasses or standard Oakley Prizm eyewear for sports or everyday wear should not scratch easily. The color of the lenses in these sunglasses also will not fade over time.

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Will salt water ruin Oakley sunglasses?

Salt water can cause serious damage to any sunglass lens, especially mirrored ones. … If salt gets on your lenses and dries down, it could scratch the lenses, causing irreversible damage. Salt water can seriously damage your lenses by leaving scratches or wearing down lens coatings.

Do polarized sunglasses go bad?

There is no definitive expiration date on when your sunglasses begin to lose effectiveness since everybody spends a different amount of time in the sun. It depends on the individual. If it’s an everyday pair, they may only last a year or two before needing replacement. Think of your sunglasses as sunscreen.