What is called convex and concave lens?

What is a concave lens called?

A concave lens is also known as a diverging lens because it is shaped round inwards at the centre and bulges outwards through the edges, making the light diverge.

What is the other name of concave and convex lens?

Here is Your Answer. A Concave lens is also known as Diverging lens as it diverges the rays after they pass through its focus, whereas convex lenses are converging lens as they bend the rays after they pass through focus.

What is a convex lens also called?

A convex lens is also known as a converging lens. … A converging lens is a lens that converges rays of light that are traveling parallel to its principal axis.

WHAT IS lens BYJU’s?

A lens is a piece of transparent glass which concentrates or disperses light rays when passes through them by refraction. … Magnification of a lens is the relation between the size of the image formed and the size of the object.

Which lens is used in telescope?

This type of telescope is called a refracting telescope. Most refracting telescopes use two main lenses. The largest lens is called the objective lens, and the smaller lens used for viewing is called the eyepiece lens.

What is concave and convex?

Concave means “hollowed out or rounded inward” and is easily remembered because these surfaces “cave” in. The opposite is convex meaning “curved or rounded outward.” Both words have been around for centuries but are often mixed up. Advice in mirror may be closer than it appears.

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What is convex lens formula?

1. What is the Lens Formula for Convex Lens? Ans. According to the convex lens equation, 1/f = 1/v + 1/u. It relates the focal length of a lens with the distance of an object placed in front of it and the image formed of that object.