What color sunglasses look good with white hair?

What color glasses go best with white hair?

Gray and White Hair

All shades of gray and white pair very well with brighter, more vibrant colors like bright red or purple. Avoid beige or brown frames – these colors can dull your features. If you want a neutral color, choose black, gray or white.

How do I choose the right shade of sunglasses?

Light skin

You stick to darker colors, but don’t automatically go for black. If you have a warm and light skin tone, sunglasses in neutral, or dark colors like brown and gold will work well. Cool undertones beg for dark blue or rich pinks.

Can you wear gold glasses with gray hair?

Image consultants say gray isn’t the best color to wear with gray hair, whether for clothing or accessories, such as eyeglass frames. It can make you look washed out. Gold wire frames, on the other hand, might clash. Bold and bright colors make a great choice, taking your coloring into consideration.

What color lenses are best for cloudy days?

Yellow is the opposing light filter and ideal for the blue light of hazy, cloudy days. Yellow or amber will provide optimum blockage of UV rays from blue light, as well.

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