What can I do with unused contact lenses Australia?

Can you donate unused contact lenses?

Consider donating your unused lenses to a homeless shelter, community shelter or even Goodwill. Most Goodwill locations do accept unopened contact lenses, but make sure to call ahead before dropping off your donation. … You can also donate your contact lenses to non-profit organizations, such as DonateContacts.

What can you do with unworn contact lenses?

Recycle your unused, unexpired and unopened contact lenses by donating them to places like Goodwill or the non-profit organization DonateContacts. While many of Goodwill facilities accept unused contact lenses and used glasses, be sure to call the location nearest to you to double-check.

Can you recycle contact lenses Australia?

Everyone in Australia can recycle contact lens waste in the Bausch + Lomb Recycling Programme. Simply visit www.terracycle.com.au/bauschrecycling to create an account, then collect your contact lenses, lens cases and blister packs in any old cardboard box or container.

How do I dispose of unwanted contact lenses?

Don’t throw lenses in the toilets or the sink. Dispose packaging and solution bottles in household recyclable bin. Lenses and foil lids on blister packs aren’t biodegradable – need to be put in normal bins. Switch to a different wearing pattern and choose monthly or weekly contact lenses to reduce number thrown away.

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Can I return unopened boxes of contacts?

Unopened boxes of product must be returned to the original place of purchase for refund or exchange in accordance with seller’s policies.

Can I wear my mom’s contacts?

Wearing lenses worn by someone else greatly increases the risk of bacterial infections. Never, ever, share your contact lenses!

Can 2 people use same lens?

Keep Your Lenses to Yourself

It’s important not to share contact lenses with anyone else. Trying on someone else’s contact lens or lending out your lens can spread infection. Since contact lenses are fit to the exact size and configuration of one person’s eye, the lens might damage the surface if worn by someone else.

Can foil from contact lenses be recycled?

You should be sure the blister packs are free of liquid, then you can drop them into the plastic bin. Remember to remove the foil that covers the blister packs. The top foil cannot be recycled and must be removed prior to recycling plastic blister packs.

Are blister packs recyclable Australia?

If you are one of the thousands of Australians who takes medicines or supplements that come in blister packs, TerraCycle has some fantastic news — you can now recycle them.

Does anyone want old spectacles?

Ask your optician if they collect old spectacles. … Many do – they are donated to charities who send them to developing countries. Some charities such as Marie Curie will accept unwanted spectacles at their shops.

Can you return unused contact lenses to Specsavers?

Can I return contact lenses if I am not happy with them? Yes. If for any reason you’re not happy with the products, contact our Customer Service Department 0808 172 00 72 or complete our online form. We’ll advise you where to return the goods.

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