Quick Answer: Are eyeglass donations to Lions Club tax deductible?

How do I donate glasses to the Lions Club?

Lions Clubs International has a partnership with the Walmart Corporation. You can deposit your eyeglasses at any participating Walmart Vision Center. The collection boxes are usually near the Vision Center entrance. Each month their staff freights collected glasses to the nearest Lions Eyeglass Recycling Center.

What is the value of donated prescription glasses?

The IRS doesn’t set a specific value for donated glasses, so it’s up to you to estimate the value. For example, if you could sell the glasses for $50, you could claim a $50 deduction when you donate them.

Do the Lions still take glasses?

The Lions Club accepts donations of prescription eyeglasses, sunglasses, and readers, although in the United States they’re only able to distribute sunglasses and readers. All other donations help individuals in developing nations. If your neighborhood America’s Best doesn’t have a collection box, you can still help.

Is it worth it to donate eyeglasses?

Donating Your Glasses Helps Those Who Cannot Afford Lenses or Frames. As someone who wears glasses, you know how expensive they can be. Even when prescription lenses are covered by your vision insurance, finding frames that fit and are affordable can take time and effort.

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Can you write off glasses?

You may be surprised to learn that the money you spend on reading or prescription eyeglasses are tax deductible. That’s because glasses count as a “medical expense,” which can be claimed as an itemized deductible on form 104, Schedule A.

What charity takes old glasses?

Where to donate old glasses

  • Donate your glasses at LensCrafters or Pearle Vision. …
  • Look for a Lions Club dropbox. …
  • Take your old glasses to Goodwill. …
  • Donate eyeglasses by mail. …
  • Drop off your glasses at Walmart and Sam’s Club vision centers.

How do I donate to the Lions Club?

Donate easily and securely online using a credit card or PayPal by clicking the applicable Donate Now button below. For assistance, contact LCIF’s Donor Services team at (630) 203-3836 or at donorassistance@lionsclubs.org. Please note credit card payments are not accepted by telephone.

Does Lions Club help with glasses?

Lions clubs around the world collect millions of eyeglasses each year to address the need for glasses, making eyeglass recycling one of our most popular and rewarding activities.

Can you sell old glasses?

Sell your old glasses.

If you want to make some money from giving your pair of frames away, you can also try to sell them online. Check out online marketplaces like eBay or Preloved, where people buy and sell secondhand items.

What to do with old glasses cases?

13 Ways to Upcycle Eyeglass Cases

  • Travel sewing kit. An old eyeglass case makes for a super handy travel sewing kit. …
  • Travel first aid kit. Eyeglass cases are great for these types of kits because they’re just the right size. …
  • Clutch. …
  • Animal clutch. …
  • Embellish it! …
  • Jewelry holder. …
  • iPod storage. …
  • Manicure kit.
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Does Costco take old prescription glasses?

Support and Partnerships. Costco has partnered with New Eyes to donate all members’ used glasses from Costco’s Optical Centers in their warehouses throughout the United States. To date, New Eyes has received 100,000 used eyeglasses.