How long should you use eye drops after PRK?

How long do I have to use preservative free eye drops after PRK?

Tears: Use preservative-free (PF) artificial tears at least 6 times a day. You may use them more frequently. We recommend Refresh, Systane, of Genteal tears. After 2 weeks you can switch from the preservative free to the regularly bottled tears.

How long do you use steroid drops after PRK?

Post PRK patients are usually prescribed four types of drops: an antibiotic for a week, a steroid tapered over the course of a month, a non-steroidal drop for four days, and artificial tears as needed. As you can see, the overall medications are similar.

Is it OK to use eye drops with preservatives after PRK?

Every eye patient is different, but most patients will receive prescription eye drops to take directly before and after their LASIK surgery. After the first day, you can use preservative-free eye drops after LASIK as much as you would like. The standard recommended usage is 4 times a day.

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How do I clean my eyes after PRK?

You can shower or wash your hair the day after surgery. Keep water, soap, shampoo, hair spray, and shaving lotion out of your eye, especially for the first week. Do not rub or put pressure on your eye for at least 1 week. For 1 week, do not wear eye makeup.

Can you overuse preservative free eye drops?

The bottled products, which have preservatives, can be safely used up to 4-6 times a day. If you need to use drops more than that, you’re usually better off using the individual, preservative free artificial tears. They can safely be used up to, say, ten times a day. You certainly could overuse those as well.

How bad is it to rub your eyes a week after PRK?

PRK is a simple and effective surgery, but there are some uncomfortable side effects during the first few days following the procedure. You should expect your eyes to hurt, burn, and itch for the first three or four days after the procedure. While you may be tempted to rub your eyes, you should absolutely avoid it.

What do steroid eye drops do after PRK?

Topical corticosteroid drops are routinely used after photorefractive keratectomy (PRK) to prevent the formation of corneal haze, which can lead to decreased visual acuity.

Do you have to keep your eyes closed after PRK?

Your doctor may advise you to sleep when you get home from surgery. Keeping your eye closed may help your eye heal. You can shower or wash your hair the day after surgery. Keep water, soap, shampoo, hair spray, and shaving lotion out of your eye, especially for the first week.

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Does dry eye go away after PRK?

“Normal postoperative healing involves some degree of ocular surface dry eye, but this typically recovers to preoperative levels over time,” Bower said. “We found a pretty low number of patients who had long-lasting severe dry eye still present at the 12-month visit.

How often can I use preservative free eye drops?

Advise patients using eye drops more than six times throughout the day to use a preservative-free formulation.

How often can I use lubricant eye drops?

Usually, drops may be used as often as needed. Ointments are usually used 1 to 2 times daily as needed. If using an ointment once a day, it may be best to use it at bedtime.

How can I make my PRK heal faster?

12 tips for a smooth recovery from LASIK and PRK:

  1. Ask someone to help you settle in at home after your surgery. …
  2. Wear something comfortable on surgery day so you can go straight to bed when you get home. …
  3. Organize your post-op meals before surgery. …
  4. Eat a filling meal before your surgery.