How do you bill Goniotomy for cataract surgery?

How do I bill Medicare for cataract surgery?

When ASCs bill the 66984, 66982 or other cataract extraction procedure code to Medicare, those codes include the insertion of an IOL in the cataract procedure, and the payment of the cataract CPT code to ASCs includes a $150 allowance as payment for a regular IOL.

What is a Goniotomy procedure?

Goniotomy is a surgical procedure in which the doctor uses a lens called a goniolens to see the structures of the front part of the eye (anterior chamber). An opening is made in the trabecular meshwork, the group of tiny canals located in the drainage angle, where fluid leaves the eye.

What does CPT code 66174 mean?

CPT 66174: Transluminal dilation of aqueous. outflow canal; without retention of device or stent.

Does 92020 need a modifier?

A: All are used in distinct situations. Modifier XE should only be used to describe separate encounters on the same date of service. For example, you do an exam and perform gonioscopy (92020) for a patient with uncontrolled POAG in your office in the morning.

How do you feel after cataract surgery?

You’ll usually see your eye doctor a day or two after your surgery, the following week, and then again after about a month to monitor healing. It’s normal to feel itching and mild discomfort for a couple of days after surgery. Avoid rubbing or pushing on your eye.

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What is the 55 modifier?

The 55 modifier indicates that a physician or QHP other than the surgeon performed the postoperative care only. Modifier 56 is used when a physician or QHP performed the preoperative care but does not provide the intraoperative (surgical) or postoperative services.

How long does a Goniotomy take?

The goniotomy procedure takes about 20 minutes, but will take longer if performed along with cataract surgery.

What is Kahook Goniotomy?

Goniotomy, such as that performed with the Kahook Dual Blade (KDB; New World Medical), is a minimally invasive surgical option for glaucoma. The procedure does not violate the scleral wall and is not associated with a bleb.

Can Goniotomy be repeated?

Goniotomy is successful for more than 80 out of 100 children whose glaucoma was not present at birth. If pressure in the eye increases, the procedure may need to be repeated.

What is the CPT code for cataract surgery?

For purposes of this measure, only the following CPT cataract surgery codes should be used: 66982: Cataract surgery with insertion of intraocular lens, complex. 66983: Cataract surgery, intracapsular, with insertion of intraocular lens. 66984: Cataract surgery, extracapsular, with insertion of intraocular lens.

How do you code glaucoma?

Glaucoma and related conditions can be found in the code range of H40-H42. The clinical documentation requirements for glaucoma are identifying the type of glaucoma or related condition: open angle (H40. 1-), closed angle (H40. 22-), glaucoma suspect (H40.