You asked: Can cataracts cure double vision?

Can double vision go away?

Double vision may go away on its own, but people should still see a doctor. The most important part of the examination is the eye examination, but usually imaging is needed.

Is double vision common with cataracts?

The most common lens problem that can cause double vision is a cataract, a clouding of the normally clear lens due to aging. Our eye surgeons can remove cataracts in an outpatient surgery.

How long will I have double vision after cataract surgery?

It is common for individuals to experience blurred vision immediately after cataract surgery, but this typically subsides within a few days.

How can I fix double vision naturally?

Double vision, or diplopia, occurs when a person sees two images instead of one. Performing certain eye exercises may be able to reduce double vision in some cases.

Eye exercises

  1. Pen-to-nose convergence. Hold a pen or similar object at arm’s length and focus on it. …
  2. Jump convergence. …
  3. Dot card. …
  4. Stereograms.

Can I drive with double vision?

You should tell DVLA about diplopia. You should not drive until it either goes away on its own or DVLA have said you are allowed to drive with treatment, as long as you have adapted to it and this fully controls the diplopia. There are certain exceptions if you have had diplopia for a long time.

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Why do I still have double vision after cataract surgery?

Double vision after cataract surgery is most commonly attributed to extraocular muscle restriction or paresis from surgical trauma or anaesthetic myotoxicity. Rainin and Carlson8 were the first to suggest that myotoxicity from the local anaesthetic could result in temporary or permanent extraocular muscle paresis.

Does cataract surgery restore 20/20 Vision?

Vision Quality After Surgery

Most patients can achieve 20/20 vision as long as they have no other conditions. Conditions that can affect the quality of vision after cataract surgery include: Glaucoma. Corneal scarring.