What is the meaning of sunglass?

What does sunglass mean in English?

1 : a convex lens for converging the sun’s rays. 2 sunglasses plural : glasses to protect the eyes from the sun.

Is sunglass a word?

A convex lens used to focus the sun’s rays and produce heat, especially for ignition. Eyeglasses with tinted or polarizing lenses to protect the eyes from the sun’s glare. Singular form of sunglasses; used chiefly in compounds. …

What is another name sunglasses?

Synonyms & Near Synonyms for sunglasses. aviators, aviator glasses, aviator sunglasses, shades.

What is correct sunglass or sunglasses?

Answer. The noun sunglasses is plural only. The plural form of sunglasses is also sunglasses. Find more words!

Which sunglass brand is best?

Top 10 sunglasses brands

  • Ray-Ban. It’s no surprise that Ray-Ban is the top pick for the best sunglasses brands in the world. …
  • Oakley. Oakley is another popular brand that’s internationally renowned for its superior sunglasses. …
  • Maui Jim. …
  • American Optical. …
  • Tom Ford. …
  • Persol. …
  • Oliver Peoples. …
  • Prada.

What are the uses of sunglasses?

Health Tip: Why Wear Sunglasses?

  • They protect your eyes against the sun’s UV rays, which could otherwise lead to cataracts.
  • They protect against “blue light” from the solar spectrum, which could increase your risk of macular degeneration.
  • They lead to improved and more comfortable vision from not having to squint.
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Why do we say a pair of sunglasses?

Speaking of “monocular” brings us to the “monocle,” a single corrective lens worn squeezed between the brow and cheek, fashionable in the 19th century. The past popularity of the lone monocle is the reason we find it necessary to speak of a “pair of glasses” today.

What is the meaning of cooling glass?

cooling glasses pl (plural only) (India) Sunglasses.

Can shades mean sunglasses?

Sunglasses are used to shade the eyes from sunlight. They are usually made of a plastic or metal frame and two lenses that are darkened to filter out light. … Shades is an informal word for sunglasses.

What’s another name for fast food?

synonyms for fast-food restaurant

  • cafeteria.
  • canteen.
  • deli.
  • delicatessen.
  • diner.
  • dog wagon.
  • drive-in restaurant.
  • snack bar.

How do I choose sunglasses?

The general rule of thumb is to choose sunglasses that are the opposite shape to your face. So, if you have a square face, look for rounded curvy frames, and if you have a round face, look for square geometric frames.

How do you use sunglasses in a sentence?

spectacles that are darkened or polarized to protect the eyes from the glare of the sun.

  1. Her sunglasses were perched on her head.
  2. Sunglasses are much more than a fashion accessory.
  3. Your sunglasses are in the glove compartment.
  4. He was wearing very with-it sunglasses.

What are Category 3 sunglasses?

Category 3 is for strong sunlight and the most common category because almost all brown and grey (or ‘smoke’) lenses are Category 3. Shop leisure style sunglasses. Category 4 is typically a very dark grey or brown lens – ideal in mountains or desert where the sun is intense and there are high glare conditions.

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