Quick Answer: Is it possible for a convex lens to act as diverging lens?

Under what conditions can a convex lens act as a diverging lens?

Condition: When a convex lens is placed inside a liquid of refractive index greater than that of the material of the lens, it behaves like a diverging lens.

When convex lens behaves as a converging lens can it be diverging explain?

A convex lens will act as converging when it is immersed in a liquid which has a lesser refractive index than the lens and act as diverging when the surrounding medium has a greater refractive index than it.

Can a concave lens behave as a converging lens?

When concave lens is placed in a medium having refractive index ( ) greater the refractive index ( ) of the lens material, the concave lens behaves as a converging lens.

Why does a convex lens behave?

A convex lens behaves as a concave lens and vice versa when placed in a liquid of refractive index greater then the refractive index of the lens.

Is power of convex lens positive?

The power of a lens is defined as the reciprocal of the focal length. … Converging (convex ) lenses have positive focal lengths, so they also have positive power values. Diverging (concave ) lenses have negative focal lengths, so they also have negative power values.

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How many images can convex lens?

The given convex lens is made up of five different materials.So they have different refractive indices/ different focal lengths. Hence they form five different images.

Are real images always inverted?

Real image is found when the rays of light converge at a point after reflection on a mirror or after refraction through a lens. … If we placed an object above the x-axis then by geometry the rays will converge below the axis. Therefore, the image formed will be an inverted image. Hence, a real image is always inverted.

Where is convex lens used?

Convex lenses are used in microscopes, magnifying glasses and eyeglasses. They are also used in the cameras to create real images of objects present at a distance.

What is focal length of concave lens?

The distance between the pole and the principal focus is called the focal length (f) of the lens. The given focal length of the concave lens is f = -2 m. It is negative because a concave lens always has a negative focal length.

What is the Behaviour of convex lens when it is kept in another medium?

The lens will have a change in its power of converging if it is kept in a medium whose refractive index is greater than that of it. if the refractive index is greater it will start behaving as a diverging lens…