Question: Why contact lens fitting is important?

Do you really need a contact lens fitting?

Whether you’re trying contacts for the first time or need a new prescription, you must have a contact lens fitting. … However, with an eye exam, an in-person contact lens fitting and up-to-date prescription, you are fully ready to shop for the best deal from a reputable retailer online.

Why do I need a contact lens fitting every year?

If you wear contacts, you need to see your eye doctor annually for an exam. Since contact lenses cover a portion of the eye they reduce the amount of oxygen getting to the cornea. Over time, this can impact the health of the eye and cause damage.

What happens if you wear contacts that don’t fit?

A corneal abrasion is a scratch on the surface of your eye. It is most often the result of wearing ill-fitting contact lenses that are not suited to your eyes. If a corneal abrasion goes untreated, it can develop into an infection or an ulcer. This can result in permanent damage to your eye, or even vision loss.

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How long does a contact fitting take?

When combined with your exam, it will add about 10 minutes, but may be longer for first time wearers or those being fit in multifocal contacts. A comprehensive eye exam takes 45 minutes to one hour.

How do you know if your contact fits right?

Place the contact lens between the tips of your thumb and forefinger, grasping it near the center so the entire edge is free. Gently squeeze the lens, as if you are about to fold it in half. If the edge of the lens points upward (resembling a hard-shell taco), the lens is correctly oriented.

Why are contact lens exams so expensive?

Why is a contact lens exam more expensive? Additional testing is required for contact lenses because they are classified as medical devices. The optometrist will need to evaluate the size and shape of your eye, as well as other factors like your tear production levels.

Is it normal to charge a contact fitting fee?

This fee can range from $60 – $159 and is determined by the doctor based on the complexity of your prescription and the condition of your eye. You will be required to pay this fee up front on the day of your exam.

What is contact lens fitting charge?

Fitting the Contacts

Fitting contact lenses is both a science and art that requires a certain level of expertise. The fees for contact lens evaluations and management usually range between $15 and $200 above regular comprehensive eye exam fees, depending on the type of contact lens required.

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Is it bad to wear the wrong size contact lens?

Wrong Diameter Symptoms

Contact lens diameter too big will cause your problem. The wider of the lens the better enlarging effect you could have. But bear in mind if the diameter is too big, the lens will be loose in the eye and may slip out of place.

How can I tell if my contacts don’t fit?

Top Signs of Contact Lens Discomfort

  • Stinging, burning and itchy eyes.
  • Abnormal feeling of something in your eye.
  • Excessive tearing.
  • Unusual eye secretions.
  • Eye redness.
  • Poor visual acuity.
  • Blurred vision or halos around objects.
  • Light sensitivity.

Is it safe to wear contact lenses everyday?

You should be able to wear your contact lenses every day unless you have a temporary problem that prevents you from comfortably or safely wearing your lenses. For example, you should not wear contacts if you are: Experiencing eye redness or irritation.