Are Tom Ford sunglasses made in Italy?

How can you tell if Tom Ford sunglasses are real?

Authentic Tom Ford sunglasses can be identified by:

  1. The top left corner of the lens will say Tom Ford.
  2. On the left arm, you will find the model or code number.
  3. All new models will have the serial number on the tip.

Is Tom Ford popular in Europe?

Fashion designer and American icon Tom Ford has been crowned as Europe’s most popular luxury brand, according to independent research conducted by Kelkoo, the largest pan-European ecommerce advertising and shopping comparison service.

Are Tom Ford glasses handmade?

Tom Ford Sunglasses offer refined design, intelligent glamour, and innovative details. … All Tom Ford Sunglasses are handmade in Italy.

What are Tom Ford sunglass lenses made of?

Most Tom Ford frames are made of either metal or acetate, a nylon-based plastic that is much stronger and flexible and more durable than regular plastic. Tom Ford sunglasses lenses also offer 100% UV protection.

Why are Tom Ford glasses so expensive?

Tom Ford provides top quality frames, which is why they are at a higher price point than other brands at Fashion Eyewear.

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