You asked: Is it correct to say an astigmatism?

How do you use astigmatism in a sentence?

Astigmatism causes difficulties in seeing fine detail resulting in blurred vision. Corneal incisions if properly placed can correct astigmatism. He was soon diagnosed with astigmatism, an eye condition and had laser surgery to correct the problem. Sheep eyes possess very low hyperopia with little astigmatism.

Is the a in astigmatism silent?

Astigmatism – A silent and invisible thief.

Astigmatism, (or ‘cyl’ for ‘cylinder’ when in a glasses prescription) is a term that people sometimes hear, but even more rarely understand.

How do I say I have astigmatism?

Blurry vision. Distorted vision (things look wavy or “off”) Discomfort with reading, on a computer or in print. Eye strain or headaches.

Does astigmatism worsen with age?

After the age of 25, astigmatism will typically stay the same. It can also gradually worsen with age or due to other eye conditions. Fortunately, most astigmatism can be easily corrected with eyeglasses, contact lenses or laser vision surgery.

What causes astigmatism to worsen?

This Eye Condition Only Gets Worse Over Time

As with almost every single eye condition, astigmatism only gets worse over time. The main reason for this is that, over time, the astigmatism changes angle and, without glasses or contact lenses at the very least, it only worsens.

How do glasses help astigmatism?

You will likely either need single vision lenses or varifocal lenses depending on which refractive error you have. Wearing the right glasses for astigmatism will help the light to pass through the lens and focus on the retina in the correct place to deliver a sharp image.

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How do say keratoconus?

noun, plural ker·a·to·co·ni [ker-uh-toh-koh-nahy, -nee].