You asked: Are Ray Bans Made with real gold?

Are Ray Bans made of gold?

Ray-Ban’s legendary Aviator sunglasses will soon be available in an exceptionally luxurious edition, with frames made from solid 18-karat gold. Today, the brand’s Aviator model is an iconic accessory worn by men and women alike. …

How can I tell if my Ray Bans are gold?

Vintage Ray-Bans might have a “BL” marking to denote the brands original owners Bausch & Lomb, but if you’re buying new then look for the RB logo etching. On the opposite lens in the top corner you should see “Ray-Ban” written in white. On some new releases that logo may be printed in gold instead of white.

What metal are Ray Bans made of?

Steel and Titanium. As far as substance is concerned, the two materials used by Ray-Ban for these mythical and iconic models have no competitors. Steel and titanium are synonymous with strength, resistance, perfection and reliability. But can they also be attractive?

Why are Ray Bans so popular?

Aside from being the most iconic glasses around, Ray-Ban pride themselves on providing frames and lenses of the highest quality. Their sunglasses offer full UV protection from the sun’s harmful rays, allowing you to be stylish and safe in the sun.

Are Ray Bans durable?

Ray-Ban frames themselves are pretty durable. Their glass lenses will break if you drop them on a hard surface, but their polycarbonate lenses are much stronger.

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