Why does pecola pray for blue eyes each night?

What does Pecola pray for every night why?

Unable to endure the brutality toward herself, every night Pecola prays for blue eyes, because she thinks that there will not be any other way out to overcome her problem except being beautiful by having blue eyes. She never stops thinking about it until finally she is obsessed.

Why does Pecola wish blue eyes?

The blue eye symbolizes the characteristic of white people. In other words, Pecola wants to become a girl with blue eyes so that she can be accepted and loved by the surrounding people and society. Influenced by the mass culture which means the culture of white people, Pecola follows it blindly.

What does Pecola want in The Bluest Eye?

At the beginning of the novel, two desires form the basis of her emotional life: first, she wants to learn how to get people to love her; second, when forced to witness her parents’ brutal fights, she simply wants to disappear.

What does Pecola think will happen if she has blue eyes?

She believes that if she had blue eyes, their beauty would inspire beautiful and kindly behavior on the part of others. Pecola’s desire has its own logic even if it is naïve.

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What is the message of The Bluest Eye?

In the novel The Bluest Eye Morrison ‘s message of beauty is related to society ‘s perception and acceptance of white culture and its impact on African Americans that causes them to question their self worth in a racist society; the author demonstrates these concepts through, direct characterization, symbols, and …

Does Pecola actually get blue eyes?

When Pecola is finally granted her wish for blue eyes, she receives it in a perverse and darkly ironic form. She is able to obtain blue eyes only by losing her mind. Rather than granting Pecola insight into the world around her and providing a redeeming connection with other people, these eyes are a form of blindness.

Who is the antagonist in The Bluest Eye?

Cholly Breedlove

Cholly is cowardly and abusive. His actions all point to him as the novel’s antagonist: he begins seeking an escape from his family as soon as Pauline gives birth to Sammy; he hits Pauline; he tries to set the house on fire; and he rapes his young daughter.

Who is Soaphead in The Bluest Eye?

A light skinned West Indian man, Soaphead Church is a self-proclaimed misanthrope. After failing as a preacher, he deems himself a “Reader, Adviser, and Interpreter of Dreams”, and provides counsel to community members.