Which is Better Air Optix or Acuvue?

What brand of contact lenses are the most comfortable?

Contact Lens: 3 Most Comfortable Contact Lenses

  • Bausch and Lomb Ultra Contact Lens. This is a new addition in the lens market but has been stagnant for a while. …
  • Acuvue Oasys. This contact lens has been around for a considerable period. …
  • Cooper Biofinity.

Is Air Optix a good brand?

Air Optix is a newer brand, but by no means should be looked down upon. They hold a great reputation in the eye care field for being rather comfortable. The lenses are made with Hydraclear technology, which means that the lenses have a high volume of moisture.

Is Acuvue same as Alcon?

Per the manufacturer, ACUVUE OASYS is the brand that most ECP’s prescribe for first-time contact lens wearers.

AIR OPTIX NIGHT & DAY AQUA vs ACUVUE OASYS: What’s the Difference?

Manufacturer Alcon Johnson & Johnson
Replacement schedule Monthly replacement Bi-weekly replacement

Is Acuvue Oasys the best?

ACUVUE OASYS contact lenses have been known as the best contact lenses for many contact wearers! The FDA has approved these contacts for extended wear of six consecutive nights. An extended wear lens provides patients with contacts to fit their specific type of wear schedule.

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Is Acuvue Oasys being discontinued?

The short answer is no. Acuvue Oasys contacts are not discontinued, but there are products with similar names that have been. Some of these similarities may have caused some confusion, but we’re here to clear that up. Johnson and Johnson Vision Care provides us with a list of these products and their suspended dates.

Is Air Optix cheaper than Acuvue?

A comparison of two well-known, time-proven contact lenses: Air Optix Aqua and ACUVUE OASYS®. … Overall, both lenses impress. Air Optix Aqua gets points on price as this is a monthly replacement lens, compared to the 2-week replacement schedule of ACUVUE OASYS®, so the price is a bit lower.

Do Air Optix HydraGlyde have UV protection?

Combine the popular Air Optix Aqua lens design with Alcon’s SmartShield Technology and Hydraglyde, and you get a new monthly silicone hydrogel based contact lens – Air Optix plus Hydraglyde.

Air Optix plus HydraGlyde – Parameters and Specs.

AIR OPTIX plus HydraGlyde
Product Image
UV Blocking No
Dynamic Light Absorption No
Visibility Tint Yes Light Blue (VISITINT®)

Does Alcon make contact lenses?

Daily disposable contact lenses are one day single-use lenses. No lens care is needed, making daily disposable contact lenses especially convenient if you’re always on the go. …

Can Acuvue Oasys be worn for a month?

No, you can’t wear Acuvue Oasys for a month! Acuvue Oasys is a two week lens which means you have to throw it away after two weeks. If you overwear your lenses for a whole month you put your eyes at risk of serious damage. If you want an Acuvue lens you can wear for a month at a time, take a look at Acuvue Vita.

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