Where did LeBron James get LASIK?

Did LeBron James get LASIK eye surgery?

LeBron James (Cleveland Cavaliers)

In 2007, he underwent LASIK eye surgery to improve his vision to make sure he could see the basket as clearly as possible.

Do NBA players get LASIK?

Athletes That Have Received LASIK

Amongst professional athletes, golfers have been the ones that have been noted for LASIK procedures, but NBA players are no exception either. Let’s look at some of the athletes who have gotten this procedure done.

Do professional athletes get LASIK?

Professional athletes train their bodies to perform at an elite skill level. Because vision is integral to physical performance, athletes require vision correction that is always in place and can stand up to extreme conditions. Not surprisingly, many athletes choose LASIK due to its safety and effectiveness.

Do footballers get LASIK?

In full-fledged contact sports like football, this is especially important. Here are several examples of athletes who have had LASIK surgery: One of the most famous football players to have LASIK is Troy Aikman, former Dallas Cowboys quarterback.

Do any NBA players wear contacts?

But not always.” The same NBA players who pursue the smallest performance edges also choose to walk around with severely impaired vision. They wear nonprescription glasses, and yet they refuse to wear prescription contact lenses.

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How much does LASIK cost?

On average, LASIK costs range between $2,000 to $3,000 per eye and is not covered by insurance because the procedure is deemed cosmetic or elective. LASIK (laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis) is a popular eye surgery that corrects vision in people who are farsighted, nearsighted, or have astigmatism.

Can I play basketball after LASIK?

The LASIK recovery time is as little as two days, which allows people who like to play contact sports such as racquetball, tennis, volleyball, soccer, basketball, football, and baseball to pick up their rackets, knee pads, and cleats, as long as reliable protective eyewear is worn.

Who did LeBron James LASIK?

Los Angeles Ophthalmologist Dr. Kerry Assil discusses the custom LASIK eye surgery he performed on LA Lakers LeBron James and other professional athletes. Los Angeles Ophthalmologist Dr. Kerry Assil discusses the custom LASIK eye surgery he performed on LA Lakers LeBron James and other professional athletes.

Can you play contact sports after LASIK?

How Soon Can I Play Contact Sports after LASIK Surgery? To prevent an eye injury or infection, we recommend that athletes avoid engaging in contact sports for one month after surgery. Many athletes choose to undergo LASIK at the beginning of the off-season.

Is Strabismus a disease?

Strabismus is a disorder in which both eyes do not line up in the same direction. Therefore, they do not look at the same object at the same time. The most common form of strabismus is known as “crossed eyes.”

Can footballers have glasses?

Players must have something that will be secured tight to the head so that the spectacles or goggles won’t fall off. … Referees should ensure that if a request has been made to wear glasses/goggles, that they must not be a danger to himself or to any other player.

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