What sunglasses was April Ross wearing?

What brand is April Ross wearing from Olympics?

Ross is sponsored by Mizuno and Klineman by Adidas, leading to additional outfit possibilities. “Our technical supervisor said we had the most combinations of any team in the tournament,” Ross said.

Who is Alix Klineman dating?

Alix Klineman isn’t married, but she did recently get engaged to Teddy Purcell. The 31-year-old California native announced her engagement to Teddy Purcell in late June 2021, less than a month before she left for Tokyo.

Is April Ross in a relationship?

Shared passions go a long way towards keeping a relationship alive and professional athletes may know that better than anyone. As fans of the couple may know, the pair have been married since 2010, per Heavy, and are still going strong as of writing. …

Does April Ross have a job?

Is April Ross rich?

April Ross net worth: April Ross is an American professional beach volleyball player who has a net worth of $3 million. April Ross was born in Costa Mesa, California in June 1982.

How many kids does April Ross have?

April Ross is not pregnant and doesn’t have any children. The 6ft 5in star has been focusing on her volleyball career and Olympic aspirations, but she does have a husband, Bradley Keenan.

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