What kind of plastic are Ray Bans made of?

What plastic are Ray-Bans made of?

Polycarbonate is a form of plastic that is increasingly popular among Ray-Ban and other sunglass manufacturers because it is highly impact-resistant.

Are Ray-Bans injection molded?

Through the process of injection molding, molds for the temples and frame of the sunglasses are made and then injected with cellulose propionate. … Aside from cellulose propionate, the other main components of the Ray-Ban Wayfarers are their lenses.

How can you tell if Ray-Bans are plastic or glass?

If the lenses feel light and make a loud tapping sound, they’re not glass. Glass lenses have a quieter, more ringing sound, and are also much heavier. The lens material isn’t the end-all, be-all of telling fakes apart, however. Some genuine Ray-Bans have plastic lenses.

Do Ray-Bans scratch easily?

Ray-Bans do not scratch easily. There are two main types of lenses that can determine how easily they’re scratched. The first is crystal lenses. These are top-tier lenses that are scratch-resistant.

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