What is a sentence for bifocal?

What are Bifocals for kids?

Bifocal lenses are beneficial for children who have reduced focusing abilities for near vision— the bifocal provides a plus lens, which provides the support they need for close vision, without changing their distance vision.

What is bifocal used for?

Bifocals are glasses that have both a correction for your distance vision on the top of the lens, and a correction to help you read on the bottom. The first bifocal was actually invented by Benjamin Franklin.

What is it called when you need bifocals?

Presbyopia occurs when the lens of the eye loses its flexibility and causes difficulty in focusing on close objects. This loss of flexibility occurs over many years, but seems to happen suddenly. … Treatments for presbyopia include prescription glasses (reading glasses, bifocals, or trifocals) or contact lenses.

What does bifocal mean in a sentence?

1 : having two focal lengths. 2 : having one part that corrects for near vision and one for distant vision a bifocal eyeglass lens.

Is it normal for kids to need bifocals?

Children rarely need bifocals. Occasionally, children who have crossed eyes (esotropia) may need to have bifocals to help control the crossing. Also, children who have had cataract surgery usually need bifocals or reading glasses.

Who should wear bifocals?

Bifocal lenses are used for people who are both nearsighted and farsighted. It is common for people who are over the age of 40 to begin to notice a change in their vision and require the need for bifocals. As we age, our eyes begin to have trouble focusing on objects at different distances away.

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How does a bifocal work?

“Bifocal contact lenses (or multifocal contact lenses) work by having concentric rings with the central part for distance and each subsequent ring for different distances,” Yuna Rapoport, MD, a board-certified ophthalmologist at Manhattan Eye in New York, tells WebMD Connect to Care.

Can bifocals damage your eyes?

The bifocal line might be too high. You may have greater near vision if this happens. However, you’ll have restricted distance vision, which may affect your eyesight when driving and participating in other similar activities.