What does the color of a werewolf’s eyes mean?

What does the real color of Derek’s eyes mean?

Derek Hale’s Werewolf eyes turned red after he had killed his uncle, Peter Hale, and stolen his Alpha powers. … Upon transforming from a Kanima to a Beta Werewolf, Jackson Whittemore’s supernatural eyes changed to a bright blue to reflect that he had killed numerous innocent humans.

Why are Kate’s eyes green?

A werejaguar can be a former human transformed using an alpha’s claws, fangs, or other means. Like other shapeshifters, they can presumably be born as well. Their eyes glow green. A werejaguar shares a supernatural connection with the supernatural demons, the berserkers, being able to track and sense them.

How did Derek get blue eyes?

It was revealed that Derek fell hard for a teenager named Paige when he was younger. His Uncle Peter tried to convince him to turn her, but Derek resisted. When he refused, Peter had another werewolf bite her instead. … He did so, but the taking of an innocent life is apparently what turns a werewolf’s eyes blue.

Why does Peter turn into a full wolf?

Termed the “evolved wolf” form by the Teen Wolf fandom, when a werewolf reaches a certain level of power, they’re able to fully transform. It’s a sign of how powerful the Hale family bloodline is that Talia, Laura, and Derek are all able to do it. … Peter transforms into a monstrous looking wolf when he’s the Alpha.

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How much older is Derek than Scott?

In 3×08, Peter states that Derek was a “15-year-old boy” when Paige was bitten and Kate obviously came along after Paige. It is heavily implied that Derek was 16 when he was with Kate. Derek tells Scott in 1×12, “You’re not in love, Scott. You’re 16.