Quick Answer: Is it bad for cats to have blue eyes?

Do cats with blue eyes have health problems?

A: Blue-eyed, white cats are not more prone to blindness – either hereditary or acquired – than other cats. Your friends may be confusing blindness with deafness: here, the situation is completely different. Hereditary deafness is a major concern in white cats, and even more so if one or both irises are blue in color.

What does it mean if cats have blue eyes?

Blue eyes in cats are generally caused by a lack of pigment, and all kittens are born with blue eyes because cats don’t develop eye pigmentation until they’re around six weeks old, when the production of melanin kicks in.

Are cats with blue eyes color blind?

Are Blue-Eyed Cats Color Blind? The color of a cat’s eyes doesn’t seem to be related to how many cones they have, and it probably doesn’t affect how they see color. However, white cats with two blue eyes are more likely to be deaf than other cats.

What is the rarest cat eye color?

Obviously it’s not going to be a lighter color like green, blue, or yellow, therefore, the rarest eye color in cats is actually orange/amber! This glowing hue is quite common in the traditional “British Blue” British Shorthair cat, but it can also been seen in cats with tabby markings or other solid coat patterns, too.

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What breed of cat is most likely to blind?

Many people think white cats, which make up about 5 percent of the cat population, are prone to blindness. The truth is that white cats are no more likely to be blind than the rest of the cat population. Certain white cats have a tendency to be deaf, though.

How can you tell if a white cat is deaf?

Common signs of deafness include:

  1. Not noticing when you enter the house.
  2. Not responding to everyday sounds, such as his or her name, loud noises and squeaky toys.
  3. Louder meowing.
  4. Not woken by loud noises, such as a door banging.
  5. Increase in sleep.
  6. Increased sensitivity to smells and temperature.