Is brown mascara better for blue eyes?

Does brown mascara make blue eyes pop?

Instead of opting for black mascara, women with blue eyes should go with brown, Matin says. Just as eye shadows in the tan family bring out your baby blues, brown mascara contrasts with the blue in your eyes, while giving you that coveted no-makeup makeup look.

Why would you wear brown mascara?

While your upper lashes may be your main focus when it comes to applying mascara, coating your bottom lashes can help tie together your entire eye makeup look. A brown mascara is the perfect way to create bold bottom lashes that won’t overpower the rest of your eye makeup look.

What color makes blue eyes pop out?

How to Make Blue Eyes “Pop” To enhance blue eyes, wear neutral colors like blue, black, white, and brown. Accent your blue irises with variations of orange, blue-green, or blue-purple to make them pop. But, make sure to use these accents sparingly and as small splurges of color relatively close to your eyes.

Who should wear brown mascara?

Brown mascara can work as a more natural look for people with fair hair and skin, and because it is near the opposite on the color wheel for blue and green, it can make blue and green eyes pop! It also depends on what color eyeliner and/or eye shadow you’re wearing.

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What color eyeliner is good for blue eyes?

If you’re a blue-eyed makeup wearer, browns and golds are your most obvious choice, as warmer tones make cool ones appear brighter. Although smoky eyes don’t work for everyone, if drama is what you are after, blacks and smoky grays rimmed in the waterline will offer the most contrast.

Is black or brown mascara better for brown eyes?

Classic black is all well and good, but there’s also a serious case to be made for brown lashes. If you have fair skin and prefer a natural look, a rich brown mascara is your best bet.

How do you make blue eyes look bluer?

A dark or basic blue complements blue eyes. Wear a bold lipstick color, such as a bright red, to make your blue eyes look even bluer (leaving your eyelids bare or nude color). Use a dark black or brown eyeliner to complete this look, leaving your eyes and lips the center of attention.