Frequent question: Is it normal to have a runny nose after LASIK?

What should I watch after LASIK?

It’s important to give your eyes time to heal. You should avoid looking at digital devices for 24 hours after your LASIK surgery. Our laser eye surgeons advise patients to rest their eyes by keeping them closed or taking a nap. You should also avoid other visually demanding activities like reading.

How long does it feel like something is in your eye after LASIK?

It is normal and expected for patients to experience a sensation of grittiness or a sandy feeling in the eye following the procedure. This sensation usually tends to resolve itself over the first 1-3 months.

When can I wash my face normally after LASIK?

Generally speaking, you should wait at least 24 hours after LASIK before washing your face. This is the same guideline that we give our patients for showering. As with showering, you need to avoid getting soap and water in your eyes for a minimum of several days.

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Can you sneeze after LASIK?

This technology means that sneezing—as well as coughing or any other involuntary movement—will not affect the result of your surgery. Now that you know that blinking and sneezing will not affect your LASIK surgery outcome, we hope you will feel more confident about your procedure.

Can you look at your phone after LASIK?

As part of this rest, we recommend that you avoid looking at screens of any kind — TV, phone, computer or tablet — for 24 hours after LASIK. After this initial resting period, you can gradually ramp up your screen time over the next few days.

What happens if you accidentally rub your eye after LASIK?

Rubbing your eyes.

Rubbing your eyes after LASIK can easily lead to a dislodged flap, which can cause serious damage to the cornea and damage to vision.

How quickly do you heal from LASIK?

The immediate recovery period for LASIK generally lasts six to 12 hours, but it varies by patient, depending on several factors. Most patients see clearly within 24 hours after vision correction surgery, but others take two to five days to recover.

What happens if LASIK flap is dislodged?

If your LASIK flap is dislodged or has shifted for any reason, you will need to seek medical treatment immediately. It is highly likely that the clinic where you had your eye surgery will provide you with an emergency phone line in the off-chance that you experience any postoperative LASIK flap complications.

Can I sleep on my side after LASIK?

At bedtime, wear your eye shield for at least one week if you sleep on your back or side, and two weeks if you sleep on your stomach. This will prevent you from rubbing your eyes during asleep. In terms of activity, light exercise is permissible, but excessive workouts should be avoided for at least five days.

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How many days after LASIK Can I wash my hair?

Keep your eyes away from dust, pollen, or other particles in the air. If you happen to get something in your eyes, flush your eyes with artificial tears. This method will allow you to remove anything in your eyes without rubbing them. Refrain from washing your hair for a few days after LASIK.

How many days after LASIK can I wear makeup?

Generally, it is best to wait a week.

Some patients are suited to put on makeup a few days after LASIK depending on the doctor’s orders. However, plan on a week. So, take this into consideration when scheduling your appointment.

Who is not eligible for LASIK?

Patients with autoimmune diseases are not good Lasik candidates. Many autoimmune conditions cause dry eye syndrome. A dry eye may not heal well and has a higher risk of post-Lasik infection. Other conditions such as diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, glaucoma, or cataracts often affect Lasik results.

Is LASIK scary?

LASIK surgery is performed while the patient is awake and alert, but they won’t feel anything during the procedure. That’s because instead of general anesthesia, or “going under,” all that’s required for LASIK surgery is numbing eye drops and a little valium.

Does LASIK last forever?

But, LASIK is permanent. LASIK permanently corrects the vision prescription that you have at the time of surgery. This means that it cannot wear off. However, any underlying conditions such as presbyopia that progress over time can cause changes to your vision, making the original LASIK procedure less effective.

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