Frequent question: Does anyone take old contact lenses?

Does anyone take unused contact lenses?

Currently there are several charitable organizations that accept donations of unused contacts. These include (but are not limited to) New Eyes for the Needy (, MADRE (, Goodwill (, and the Lions Club (

How do I dispose of unwanted contact lenses?

Don’t throw lenses in the toilets or the sink. Dispose packaging and solution bottles in household recyclable bin. Lenses and foil lids on blister packs aren’t biodegradable – need to be put in normal bins. Switch to a different wearing pattern and choose monthly or weekly contact lenses to reduce number thrown away.

Can I trade in expired contact lenses?

If you have expired contact lenses, you may be able to exchange them for replacement lenses. Simply call your primary eye care provider and see if this is something they can take care of for you.

Is it illegal to sell unused contact lenses?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Federal Trade Commission (FTC) have repeatedly confirmed that it is illegal to sell contact lenses – including cosmetic lenses – without requiring a prescription. … They are not cosmetics or over-the-counter merchandise. They are medical devices regulated by the U.S. FDA.

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What can I do with my old glasses?

You cannot put old spectacles or glasses in your household recycling bin; however, you can donate them to charity. Ask your optician if they collect old spectacles. Many do – they are donated to charities who send them to developing countries.

Can you recycle contact lens pots?

Your contact lenses and blister packaging can be recycled, this includes the plastic pot and foil lid. The cardboard packaging the lenses come in can be put in your normal recycling.

How long do contacts last unopened?

Contaminated lenses can lead to everything from irritation to infection—or worse. For that reason, all packaged contact lenses will have a printed expiration date. Usually, the expiration date is ~4 years from the date of packaging.

Can I sell contact lenses on Facebook?

1. Illegal, prescription, or recreational drugs: Posts may not promote the sale of illegal, prescription, or recreational drugs. No exceptions.

Can I sell contact lenses on Amazon?

While Amazon cannot sell contact lenses, they do sell a lot of eye care products that customers can use with their contact lenses to reduce itchiness, irritation and other ailments!

What can I do with unused contact lenses UK?

You can dispose of your contact lens waste at public recycling bins which will be installed in Boots Opticians across the UK, plus a selection of independent opticians.