Do Air Optix HydraGlyde have UV protection?

Does Air Optix Night and Day have UV protection?

The UV blocking contact lenses tested, ACUVUE OASYS (senofilcon A) offer 10-fold more protection for UVA and 17-fold for UVB, reaching 96% and 100% blocking of UVA (C) and UVB (D) respectively compared to contact lenses without a UV blocker, namely Air Optix Night & Day (lotrafilcon A).

When did Air Optix HydraGlyde come out?

The new AIR OPTIX® plus HydraGlyde® Multifocal contact lenses will be widely available beginning on October 1, 2018. For more information on Alcon’s latest offering in multifocal contact lenses, please speak with an Alcon Vision Care sales representative or visit

Is Air Optix HydraGlyde monthly?

AIR OPTIX plus HydraGlyde contact lenses support a comfortable lens-wearing experience. … “This new monthly replacement contact lens can provide the benefits of excellent deposit resistance and longer-lasting lens surface moisture to patients in a replacement schedule that promotes compliant wear.”

How many days can you wear AIR OPTIX plus HydraGlyde contacts?

Important information for AIR OPTIX® plus HydraGlyde® (lotrafilcon B) contact lenses: For daily wear or extended wear up to 6 nights for near/far-sightedness. Risk of serious eye problems (i.e., corneal ulcer) is greater for extended wear.

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Can you sleep in Air Optix?

AIR OPTIX ® NIGHT & DAY ® AQUA contact lenses are FDA-approved for up to 30 days and nights of continuous wear to let you fall asleep and wake up to comfortable, clear vision.

Is Air Optix Night and Day Safe?

However, extended-wear contacts may increase your risk of some problems. Risks of wearing contacts overnight include: Corneal ulcer – Some users of extended-wear contacts develop a corneal ulcer that can cause blurry vision, eye pain and redness.

Are monthly contacts good for 30 days or 30 wears?

Monthly disposable contact lenses should be thrown away precisely 30 days after opening the blister pack, regardless of the number of times you have worn them. If you don’t wear your eye contact lenses every day, consult with your optometrist about daily disposable contact lenses.

Can you sleep in Air Optix Hydraglyde astigmatism?

Recommended wear and replacement schedule

Air Optix for Astigmatism have been developed to be worn on an extended wear basis for up to 6 nights (including while sleeping). Unless your eye care professional has prescribed an extended wear schedule, do not wear Air Optix for Astigmatism while sleeping.

Can you sleep in contacts for one night?

Even though some contact lenses are FDA approved to sleep in, removing them overnight is still the safest practice. Studies have shown a 10-15 percent increase in the rate of infections in people who sleep in lenses versus people who remove their lenses at night 1.