Can you use Thealoz duo drops with contact lenses?

Can you get Thealoz eye drops on prescription?

Thealoz Duo is available on prescription or to purchase from major high street pharmacies and opticians.

How do I use Aaloz duo drops?

THEALOZ DUO is compatible with the delicate surface of your eyes, and can also be used by people wearing any type of contact lenses. Apply 1 drop to each eye, from 4 to 6 times daily. THEALOZ DUO is easy to use. Do not use any tool to open the bottle.

When do you use THEALOZ DUO eye drops?

THEALOZ DUO can be used when you have discomfort, stinging or irritation of the eye. These symptoms can be caused by outside factors such as wind, smoke, pollution, dust, sunny or cold conditions, dry heat, air conditioning, plane journeys, long hours working in front of a computer screen.

Are rewetting drops bad for eyes?

A contaminated dropper or tube tip can infect your eye, which could lead to serious vision problems. Call your doctor if your symptoms do not improve, or if they get worse while using Opti-Free Rewetting Drops.

What are the best eye drops for dry eyes UK?

The 10 best-selling eye drops for dry eyes

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# Brand Compatible with lenses
1. Hyabak 0.15% gtt. 10ml yes
2. Optive 10 ml yes
3. Max OptiFresh 10 ml yes
4. ReNu MultiPlus Drops 8 ml yes

How many drops does Thealoz duo 10ml have?

You may apply around 4-6 drops per day, if necessary. Thealoz Duo drops do not contain preservatives and can be used while wearing contact lenses.

the revolutionary ABAK system.

Manufacturer: Thea
Volume: 10 ml
Usability after opening: 3 months
Expiration: 6 months and more
Preservatives: No

What is Thealoz duo eye drops?

Thealoz Thealoz Duo – 10ml. Protects, hydrates and lubricates the eyes. Preservative free. Protection, hydration and lubrication of the eye for treatment of moderate to severe dry eye syndrome.

Is Thealoz duo better than systane?

There were no statistically significant advantages for Systane® over Thealoz Duo® for any measured parameter. No adverse events were reported. Thealoz Duo® appears to be an effective combination of two active ingredients for the treatment of dry eye and is at least as effective as Systane®.

Where is Thealoz duo eyedrop made?

Made in France, Thealoz Duo is packaged in an innovative multi-dose, preservative-free bottle.