Can you exchange contact lenses?

Can you exchange contacts?

If you are still unsatisfied, and want to return your contact lenses, print and fill out a claim form. Mail the form, receipts and opened ACUVUE® boxes to the address on the claim form; return unopened boxes to your doctor. in the mail.

Are contacts returnable?

The answer is more than a simple yes or no. Each retail company has its own return policy, with most requiring that unused or defective lenses be returned within 30 days. The best plan is to research the specific return policy for the company you are ordering contacts from.

What can I do with unwanted contact lenses?

Recycle your unused, unexpired and unopened contact lenses by donating them to places like Goodwill or the non-profit organization DonateContacts. While many of Goodwill facilities accept unused contact lenses and used glasses, be sure to call the location nearest to you to double-check.

Can you exchange expired contact lenses?

If you have expired contact lenses, you may be able to exchange them for replacement lenses. Simply call your primary eye care provider and see if this is something they can take care of for you. … If you open an unexpired contact lens blister and the solution has evaporated, toss the contact lens and open a new blister.

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Can I trade in unused contacts?

Rather than throwing them out, there are several ways to donate your old lenses or to trade them in for credit at your optician’s office. If you donate or return lenses, make sure the packaging is intact and has not been damaged or opened. The prescription information should also be clearly marked on the package.

Can you return contact lenses Myeyedr?

Free replacement of torn or lost disposable contact lenses. Rx protection, so if your contact prescription changes during your plan year, you can just exchange your unused lenses for new ones.

Can you return contacts to Walmart?

Walmart Contacts Return Policy

All lenses carry a 30-day money back guarantee for unopened or defective lenses. Items may be returned within 30 days of purchase provided they are unopened, undamaged and in original condition.

Is it illegal to sell unused contact lenses?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Federal Trade Commission (FTC) have repeatedly confirmed that it is illegal to sell contact lenses – including cosmetic lenses – without requiring a prescription. … They are not cosmetics or over-the-counter merchandise. They are medical devices regulated by the U.S. FDA.

Can I return unused contact lenses boots?

Unwanted Contact Lenses and/or Solution bought on this site can be returned for a refund or exchange within 30 days of delivery. Contact lenses and/or Solution must be unopened and sealed in their original packaging. Any Contact Lenses and/or Solution which has been opened and unsealed cannot be returned.

How long do contacts last in solution?

Depending on the suggested replacement schedule (or wear cycle) of your contacts, you may keep them in contact solution in a tightly closed contact lens case for up to 30 days.

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