Can I take allergy medicine after LASIK?

How long after LASIK can I use allergy drops?

Allergy Eye Drops Can Be Resumed

After about seven to ten days, your eye doctor will likely clear you to begin using either over-the-counter or prescription allergy eye drops again.

Can you get LASIK with allergies?

Most patients with eye allergies, however, are permitted to undergo LASIK as long as they are otherwise good candidates for the procedure. Patients who experience seasonal itching, burning, tearing, and redness may be asked to time their procedures so that their symptoms are not as severe when they undergo surgery.

Can I take Zyrtec before LASIK?

If possible, do not take antihistamines or decongestants for 1 week prior to surgery and limit use for the first few weeks after LASIK. These medications will dry the eyes and cause slower healing.

Can you use Visine after Lasik surgery?

Answer: You will use a steroid drop, and antibiotic drop, and a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drop for about a week after your LASIK. After that it is best to use artificial tears for up to six months to avoid dry eyes. Please do not use Visine! It is toxic to the cornea.

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Is it normal to have a runny nose after LASIK?

Common Symptoms after LASIK

You may experience watery eyes, a runny nose, light sensitivity and eye redness during the first day following your surgery. After the LASIK procedure, it is not unusual to see small red areas in the white part of your eye.

How long do eyes itch after LASIK?

For most people, post-LASIK dry eye syndrome lasts a few weeks to a few months. During this time, your Los Angeles LASIK surgeon will recommend you use lubricating eye drops as needed to soothe any discomfort.

Why do my eyes itch after LASIK?

Why Dry Eye Occurs After LASIK

During the creation of the corneal flap, nerves in the cornea are affected. This disrupts the usual activity of the eye, which can consequently mean reduced tear production. This leads to itchy, irritated, and red eyes since the eyes are not lubricated enough.

What does allergies do to your eyes?

An allergic response can cause the eyes to become inflamed. Your eyes may become increasingly red and itchy. The symptoms of eye allergies can vary greatly in severity and presentation from one person to the next. Most people will present with at least some degree of irritation or a foreign-body sensation.

Can you take Zyrtec after Lasik?

Avoid antihistamines such as Benadryl, Allegra, and Claritin as these will dry your eyes.

Can you take Tylenol PM after Lasik?

Rest your eyes

If you have difficulty sleeping, take “Tylenol PM”, “Advil PM”, or “Benadryl”, and if you have any discomfort, take “Extra Strength” tablets. You should begin putting drops in your eye(s) after your nap. Remember, do not drive a car or operate machinery immediately after surgery.

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Should I wear sunglasses indoor after Lasik?

Eye protection: To prevent eye-rubbing the first night, we recommend wearing sunglasses to bed. For the first 24 hours after surgery, it is important that you wear your sunglasses at all times, both indoors and outdoors. important to monitor the healing of your eyes. Please ensure you attend each appointment.

How many days rest is required after Lasik surgery?

Ans. Yes, on an average most people recover after a week to 10 days. Some take longer, even up to about 6 weeks.

How long does it take for flaps to heal from LASIK?

The corneal flap will begin the healing process immediately following the surgery and will be significantly healed in one to three days following the procedure. During this time the outer surface of the cornea (also known as the epithelium) will seal the edges of the newly created corneal flap.

Can LASIK go wrong?

Surgical complications from laser vision correction are extremely rare. But they do occur. LASIK complications include infections as well as dislocation of the corneal flap that’s made during the surgery.