Best answer: Why do cops wear dark sunglasses?

Can police officers wear sunglasses?

This only applies to officers and staff who wear a uniform. Lenses must be made of clear plastic (this is what most standard subscription lenses are made of). They must not be: … too dark – your eyes should still be visible through the lenses.

Why do cops have different color uniforms?

Most police uniforms in the United States continue to have a paramilitary appearance and are generally a dark color. However, dark colors are preferred not only for the emotions they convey, but because they keep the officer from being easily spotted by lawbreakers, especially at night.

Can police wear contacts?

All applicants requiring visual correction are required to have a pair of spectacles of coated polycarbonate material. This includes those applicants who plan to wear contact lenses on duty. … The receipt must specifically state that the glasses are polycarbonate material.

Why do police wear all black?

The History of Police Uniforms

The color blue was chosen to distinguish the police from the British military who wore red and white uniforms at the time. … Dark colors help cover up stains and keep the officer from being easily spotted by lawbreakers, especially at night.

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What does 5 stars on a police uniform mean?

To set the record straight: The office of sheriff of L.A. County is an elected position. … He is the chief law enforcement officer in Los Angeles County, therefore the fifth star. All other chiefs of police in county police agencies wear four stars.

Why do sheriffs wear green?

Only a handful of departments in Los Angeles County area utilized a blue uniform for their police officers. The majority wore all tan uniforms. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department required it’s deputies to wear all green. … It links the current officers to those who established this department.

What sunglasses do the police use?

All Police lenses are Optical Class 1 eliminating optical distortion. Most Police lenses are CR39 except where a mirror coating is applied. In these cases a polycarbonate lens is used. The mirror coating significantly reduces the amount of light , which can be transmitted through a pale coloured lens.

What are cop sunglasses?

These photochromic sunglasses from YIMI have lenses that change shade to adjust with differences in brightness. With their sleek design that is meant to let sweat run off and the comfortable fit, these are great sunglasses to run with at any time of day.

Do you need 20/20 vision to be a police officer?

You do need good vision to be a police officer, in order to read licence plates from a distance, and to operate a firearm safely. … Generally, to be a policewoman or policeman your vision with glasses needs to be 20/20, and at least 20/40 without glasses.

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Can you join the police with bad eyesight?

New recruits to the police will no longer be rejected if they have bad eyesight after strict rules were secretly relaxed. Forces have for many years had to turn down aspiring PCs if they could not see properly without glasses or contact lenses.

Is there a height requirement to be a cop?

Police men now must be at least 5 feet 7 inches tall: policewomen must be at least 5 foot 2. … “Even men 5 feet tall or less may have a chance to qualify.”